Paige and the Red Shift

Paige and the Red Shift

Hello and welcome to the official Paige and the Red Shift Website
For those of you who don't know who we are, we have written a
bio below that will give you an idea of our roots.
If you were looking for a quick summary,
Paige and the Red Shift are an acoustic band from the Cotswolds in the UK
Our influences range from the Dixie Chicks and Amy Macdonald
to Stereophonics and David Bowie.
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Paige and the Red Shift Live


Originally called "On The Ropes", founding members Gary Yates and Adrian Harper
played their first five gigs with five different lineups before eventually splitting in 2009.
This left three members: Gary, Ade and lead vocalist Paige Yates. At this point, the trio
decided a change was needed and The Red Shift was born.
Taking a fresh approach and focusing on original songs + more unusual covers such as Kate Bush
and the Dixie Chicks, The Red Shift released their first single "TIME TRAVELLING" in 2010.
In 2011, the line up changed once again with the addition of Emma Stone on saxophone, flute
and backing vocals. Emma then featured on the 2012 EP "WINTER" and single "LEAVING HERE".
This version of the Red Shift continued until 2013 and the arrival of Colin Guest on bass guitar
leaving the line up as follows:
And remained like this for the next four years until...
Following the recording of their four track EP in 2017, Emma sadly left the band and a decision
was made to change the name of the band. The EP was release with the current band name,
Paige and the Red Shift.
Finally, the band were joined by percussionist Tom Barker in 2018 and the current lineup was established.
Paige and the Red Shift